As a leader in the PRP&HA regenerative field and as an innovation-driven company, Regen Lab SA has devoted important resources since 2004 to put on the market pioneering and diversified products constituting a complete set of tools/technologies for the medical community. Innovation represents one of the strongest pillars of the company with more than 50 in-house scientists and a unique network of talented and renowned medical doctors contributing to Regen Lab’s Research & Development.

Over nearly 15 years, this innovation has been secured by building substantial patent & trademarks portfolios. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) therefore represent core assets of the company protecting its unique products and forging Regen Lab’s renowned brand names.

The patent portfolio can be divided into two core technologies:

1-PRP/BMC gel devices, methods and uses thereof, alone or in combination with cell extracts and associated key technologies like Autologous Thrombin Serum (ATS) and PRP Cell Culture.

Associated trademarks are REGENLAB®, REGENKIT®, REGENACR®, PRP®, A-PRP®, REGENCELL®, REGENPLASMA®, REGEN PRP®, REGEN®, REGEN EXTRACELL®, THT®, cellularmask®, CUTECELL®, REGENVET®, A-CPKIT® which are registered trademarks of REGEN LAB SA in Europe, United States and other countries.

2-Hyaluronic acid alone, cross-linked or not, or in combination with PRP/BMC leading to the unique “all in one” Cellular Matrix products combining in a synergetic manner the advantageous properties of PRP and HA, but also preparation in two separate devices.

Associated trademarks are REGENLAB®, REGENKIT®, CELLULAR MATRIX® fig., SKINVISC®, ARTHROVISC®, REGENMATRIX®, REGEN®, PRP® and A-PRP® which are registered trademarks of REGEN LAB in Europe, United States and other countries.


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