In April 2022, following the annual ESSKA congress, a group of experts published an important document stating their recommendations on the use of PRP in the management of knee osteoarthritis.

This is a consensus paper which was obtained after more than 2 years of deliberations on the subject, answering 28 specific questions for which an exhaustive review of the literature was conducted and noted by the steering group of 12 experts from 9 different countries. Literature ranging from Grade A (high level of evidence) to Grade D (Expert opinions) were considered.

The questions are divided into 3 sections:
Section 1: PRP Rationale/Indications (Question 1-14)
Section 2: PRP Preparation/Characterization (Question 15-18)
Section 3: PRP Protocol (Question 19-28)

Grading description

Grade AHigh Scientific Level
Grade BScientific Presumption
Grade CLow Scientific Level
Grade DExpert Opinion

These proposals have been submitted to another group of 22 experts (rating group) to validate the recommendations (rating from 1 to 9 -> 9 being a total agreement with the recommendation)

Consult Q&A of Section 1: PRP Rationale/Indications (Question 1-14)

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